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Exit Devices

Hardware Meeting Life Safety Codes
Exit Devices (also referred to as panic hardware) are key pieces of hardware which not only secure your facility, but also protect the life and safety of the occupants inside. Many styles and models are available to satisfy both functional and design requirements.

Types of Exit Devices

Exit Devices are generally one of three basic types: rim, mortise, and vertical rod. Rim Exit Devices are surface mounted with a latch or bolt that projects over a surface mounted strike on either the door frame or opposite leaf of a pair of doors. Mortise Exit Devices have a lock body similar to a mortise lock and can be used on a single door or the active leaf of a pair of doors. Vertical Rod Exit Devices are available with surface and concealed rods and are generally used in pairs on pairs of doors or on the inactive leaf of a pair with either a rim or mortise device on the active leaf.

Rim Exit Devices from APVVertical Rod Exit Devices from APVMortise Exit Devices from APV


Touchbar or Crossbar Exit Device

Touchbar Exit Devices are the most common current application. The touchbar style minimizes the possibility of chaining two doors together and not only preventing exit through the doors but also violating egress building codes. The touchbars also provide space to add electrical modifications for monitoring or remote unlocking of the device and integrate well into access control systems. Crossbar devices are generally used to maintain a traditional or historical appearance.

Touch Bar Exit Device

Crossbar Exit Device

Alarmed and Delayed Egress Exit Devices

Alarmed exit hardware is designed with an integrated alarm which will sound when anyone depresses the touchbar and discourage use of the door. The alarm can be turned off or reset with a key. Devices are usually battery powered, but are also available where it can be powered with an external power supply.Alarmed Exit Device by APV

Removable Mullion

Removable Mullion by APVRim exit devices used with a removable mullion on pairs of doors provide the most secure and maintenance free application when doors require panic exit hardware. The mullion closes the gap between the doors which not only minimizes forced entry, but also provides additional weather sealing. Mullions are available with keyed locking to make removal of the mullion much easier. Electrified mullions designed for use with electric strikes include a wire harness to make connection of power for the strikes much more convenient.