Access Control - When security is a priority!
Sometimes a single room or a small quantity of access points are all you need to secure and our standalone products can provide a cost effective means to control and monitor access.  If you are trying to maintain security for a building, a complex, or even multiple complexes spread across the country, we have networked solutions that will give you complete control.

We have joined with AMAG Technology, a leading manufacturer of access control and security management systems, to provide access control, visitor management, alarms, badges, biometrics, intercom integration, CCTV and digital video integration plus much more.  From the Pentagon to large school systems, AMAG has been supplying flexible solutions to satisfy the most demanding security needs.  You will find our entry level packages very competitive, and you will not be restricted from future growth into enterprise or global solutions.


Fully integrate your access control system with a Pelco camera system to provide recorded video of any alarm events. Working 24/7 to monitor your facility, a Pelco system allows you to remotely view live or recorded video and control or program cameras. This is the perfect solution for a owner with multiple facilities such as a school system.  From a central location, monitor activity in any building and remotely control the locking system.  In the event of an emergency, one mouse click can lock down a building or complete complex and continue to let you monitor and control the facility in real time as events progress.

Standalone products can provide simple keypad entry or require a
combination of credentials such as a Proximity card and PIN.  Battery powered locks eliminate the need for wiring making it very easy to add access control to existing openings.  And you do not sacrifice sophistication with a standalone product.  Locks are available that can handle a thousand or more individual users while maintaining an audit trail complete with dates and times.  Program locks to limit individual users' access at specific times such as holidays or weekends or have a lock unlock automatically in the morning and relock at night.  Programming using a handheld PDA allows multiple locks to be reprogrammed very quickly.

Contact us to have us survey your facility or to schedule a demonstration. We can help you design a new system or upgrade an existing system and we will be there for the long term with training and support to make sure you get the most out of your system.


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